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Apparently a woman in St. Louis was fired from her job because she refused to let a man into the common area of her apartment complex.( I have no clue what her job was but it was not related to the incident) This article really touched a nerve for me. I think this completely sums up a major problem in our country at the moment. It’s the media following a trend but this trend is tearing our country apart. The trend is racism. A topic that conservatives carry like a raw egg and Liberals use like a dog whistle. They blow it as loud as they want with no consequences unto themselves. If you winded up on my site by going down some weird google rabbit hole then please watch it and then continue…… My first issue with every article and video related to the incident, is that race is the subject. However when you watch the video, the topic of race is never mentioned. So we decided that the fact that she was white and he was black played a major role here. The New York Times Article is Headlined “Lady Who Refused to Let Black Neighbor Into Building Fired”. Clearly this implies that race was a factor in her decision. Now here is what is so sad about this article and this whole situation. This woman didn’t attack him or act as if he could not afford to live there because of the color of his skin. She simply asked a man to do what is required of every tenant and that is to use his own key fob to enter the common area. Have you ever lived in a building where each Tennant had their own key fob that entered a common area and access was not monitored by security. Well I have! I have also had to stand outside my own building in pajamas for hours because tenants are under strict orders not to allow people in without said person using their own key. She simply asked him to use the fob. He refused to do a simple act that would have simply relieved his stressed neighbor of her justified concerns. One of the media sources said he showed her his key fob. I don’t know where in the video they see that but either way, so what? Now of course most of us don’t live in a key fob environment so I’ll explain something about key fobs. They are magnetic or electrical devices that people just hold up to a device connected to the door and as long as that fob is permitted access, the door will allow you access. However the fobs are generic and are pretty common and limited in variety. So showing you a key fob is the same thing as having old room key to a hotel room. Would you agree a hotel security guard allowed guest to only show their key to gain access to a hotel. I hope not because that means nothing. That’s why most hotels make you put your key in the lobby door before you enter the hotel. That is done for the safety of the guest. All D’Arreion Toles had to do was simply swipe his fob and the whole debacle could have been avoided. But it’s 2018 and so he pulled his phone out and filmed it. This takes us back to that “trend” bit I started on earlier.  A juicy story about race turns a good profit these days. I’m also positive D’Arreion Toles will be a celebrity for some time now. His compensation for the pain and agony he had to endure. But wait isn’t the trend about women rights? Are we not in #metoo America? Could it not be that a women felt uncomfortable with a man just walking in off the street behind her. Especially when the only line of defense for her and everyone in that complex is that key fob. Every single tenant, in that complex is protected from unwanted guest by simply individuals cautious entering with that fob. Is she supposed to put the color of someones skin over her concerns for safety. If a bartender asks for a Black Man’s ID and he replies “I’m 21” does that bartender have to just take his word for it out of fear of accusations of discrimination.  I’m sure by now some readers have made a decision about the author. I hope that is not the case. This article is not to defend racism or act as if it does not exist. However, if we want to be equal, then sometimes we have to be color blind. Heres why this is horrible to spread through our media. Heres why I’m appalled that she was punished for her actions and He was praised for his. It’s a shame that everyone is so scared of race in this country that Tribeca-STL immediately fired her. She Should never have lost her job over this. What do you think the next tenant of that complex is going to do when they see someone they think may possibly not have permission to enter that complex? The media needs to investigate her side and explain everything. Then and only then can the people make a decision based upon comprehending all the information. Instead they just follow the trend. Before you go please check out the link to an article that tells a different way this story could have ended. Oh yeah and Get Over Yourself America!!! Man Accused Of Killing Young Mom After She Let Him Into Apartment Gym Update : Her name is Hilary Brooke Thornton

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