Bartenders For Trump Quarantine Koozie

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Bartenders For Trump
The Funny Trump Campaign Covid-19 Charity Relief Fund Can Holder KOOZIE

All Proceeds From This T-Shirt will support individuals who have had financial burdens placed upon them by the call for social distancing to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Many of these people rely on tips and will not receive any paid time off because the industry is structured in such a way that most tipped employees don't receive 401k's, Vacation Pay, Medical Benefits etc. 

It's important that these workers are able to pay their mortgages, medical bills, school loans etc. 

Help Support Your Local Bartender

#CopronaVirus #Trump #Covid-19 #Bartenders

This can holder keeps your drinks cool and refreshing in the hottest days of the year. Anti-slip surface with smooth metal finish.

.: Stainless steel
.: Fits 12 Oz can or bottle
.: Removable plastic lid with rubber overlay