Saint Donald Trump Driving Out The Snakes Metal Koozie

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The Saint Donald is Saint Patrick Driving Out The Snakes Metal Koozie

He's sworn to drain the swamp and he stands alone in his fight! Carrying the burden of his deplorable followers on his back. Saint Patrick rid Ireland of Serpents and Saint Trump is ridding our Government of Corrupt Serpentine Politicians. They have been slithering through the halls of our democracy for too long. Trump needs four more years to rid us of the last of these slime vermin! Don't let them win the battle of good versus evil and vote for Trump in the elections 2020!

This can holder keeps your drinks cool and refreshing in the hottest days of the year. Anti-slip surface with smooth metal finish.

.: Stainless steel
.: Fits 12 Oz can or bottle
.: Removable plastic lid with rubber overlay