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In this #metoo environment we currently hunt in today. dating has become a difficult dance. It's like we used to Salsa and Merengue but now we have to Waltz. It is difficult enough to hurdle the obstacles of mating, battling only the barriers nature has presented. Trump Supporters have additional obstacles to overcome in our tense political environment. However, fear not fellow Trumpmaniacs. If you stick to The Donald Stuff's tested and proven method, you will be cuddling up with your Bae, watching CNN and drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes in no time at all! Step One: Dress for Success! Unfortunately...

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Art of the Squeel, Donald Strump, Stormy Daniels -

Hello My Fellow Deplorable, Its America’s Favorite Crazy Uncle Donnie Trump here to deliver the “Power Negotiators Tip of the Week”. This weeks topic can be filed under “Money and Romance”. These two go hand in hand. Believe it or not Trumpsters, with my Adonis good looks, quick wit and boyish charm, even Uncle Donnie has to pay to play. Most of my supporters know me from my tagline “you're fired” but at 4am in Times Square in the 80’s, the ladies of the night knew me for quite the opposite tagline “get in car,you're hired”! Sex is a dangerous dance...

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